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Service Before Self – सेवा परमो धर्म : (online event )

Words cannot describe enough the work and sacrifices that our soldiers do, and the hardships
they face. But, are they mere protectors of our country? Not really! They are certainly much more
than that. They are the nation’s breath! As the citizens of this country, we will always remain
indebted to the soldiers of our country.
But, as a matter of fact, do we really ever think of giving back something to our soldiers? Do we
really respect and honor our soldiers? Unfortunately, not many of us think this way, but fortunately,
some of us do, and the name for this thought is ‘SIRF’ – Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation
‘SIRF’ is an initiative led by common people like us, Mrs. Sumedha Chithade & Mr.Yogesh
Chithade with an uncommon vision, and with a simple, straight, but significant objective and that
is to acknowledge, appreciate, respect, honor and support the soldiers of our country and their
So, let us welcome and be a part of an interactive session with Mrs.Sumedha Chithade with
her inspiring narration of a soldier’s life.

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