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MMAD जल्लोष-नवे पर्व 2022

Dear Members,
After Kids Dhamaal in recently held Kilbil, it’s adults’ turn now.
MMAD is coming up with Dance Dhammal Acting program, MMAD जल्लोष-नवे पर्व 2022 with  Bollywood 90’s theme
Venue: Indian Islamic Center, Abu Dhabi
Date: 07 May 2022, 10 am to 1 pm
Please Note:
Programme comprises of two parts –
Part 1
Outsourced  एकांकिका
Further details will be shared soon.
Part 2 
Bollywood 1990’s theme based program.
We invite names for Part 2 in categories of (a) singing,  (b) dancing and (c) anchoring.
  • Dance & singing tracks will be provided to participants by MMAD Committee. Dance groups will be formed by MMAD Committee as per requirement of songs.
  • Participants will have to self choreograph the dance, do the self practice and arrange their own costumes. Initial guidance will be given.
  • Participation only in  one category will be allowed (Group dance or Singing or Anchoring)
  • Rehearsal on the stage will be organized before the event day.
  • Only MMAD valid members (18 yrs & above) can participate.
  • MMAD Committee reserves the right to amend rules.
  • Al Hosn Green Status is mandatory on event day.
  • Once all entries are received, participants group will be formed for further communication.
So hurry up and register your names for participation in Part 2 of the program in following categories. Link is as below.
1. Dance
2. Singing
3. Anchoring(Selection Basis)
Last date of registration is Wednesday 13th April-2022

Event Details

Event Date :


Last Date To Apply :


Event Categories :


Non Veg



Duet Singing

Solo Singing

Organized By :

MMAD Comittee 2020-22

Contact Number :

Priya Pakale :

050 771 5539

Padmini Sawant :

055 432 2754

Prashant Mohite :

050 230 4617

Sachin Raje (For Singing) :

050 392 3039